Imitate The Style Of Kourtney Kardashian With A Cartier Replica

In the photograph Kourtney Kardashian wears a Cartier watch that stands out for its fineness and elegance. For those mortals who like their look, and want something similar, they can opt for a Cartier replica.

If there is someone who understands luxury and fashion these are the Kardashian sisters, because although it is true that the physicist accompanies them, how many women with spectacular physicists would like to dress like them and, above all, that brands would raffle like them . This is what, in one way or another, the Kardashian sisters have achieved and now, each with its style, they are all a reference for those who like to follow the trends.

Something that, moreover, I am happy because it was time for women to have referents – physicists – with curves and a healthy appearance.

The model worn by Kourtney Kardashian is a Santos Demoiselle. A model based on the classic Santos that Cartier created in 1904 in honor of a brave aviator with the same name. Rumors circulate around the network claiming that this replica cartier watch is a Panthere, not true, the collection of Cartier with that name does not include watches.

The material is nothing less than 18K pink gold. The hours come in Roman numerals and can be submerged 30 meters underwater. Its dimensions: 24 × 18.7 mm.

A true jewel to carry on the wrist, that is, at a price worthy of its status, so as I always say, if you can not afford an original, you can try a Cartier replica, almost as spectacular as Kourtney Kardashian.

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