Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Kingsman Special Edition Replica Watches UK

tag heuer connected modular 45 mm replica

Do you remember the movie Kingsman: Secret Service? Yes, man, Colin Firth made a dandy, spies, shots and stuff. In addition to the success shown on the big screen, the film has also been the protagonist of the best-selling collection in the history of our online store header, Mr. Porter. In fact, it has become a fixed in its catalog.

Last September, the second installment was released; Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and of course, TAG Heuer signed up for this party, replacing Bremont, which was the official replica watch uk of the first installment. How? With a special edition of one of his big bets; the Connected. Specifically, the Connected Modular 45 with 45 mm case, as its name indicates, with pink gold handles and two interchangeable belts.

The ‘sphere’ of this special edition, available in blue and gray, includes, under the TAG Heuer logo and the date, the Kingsman inscription, in addition to the logo at the bottom of the small seconds hand. A logo that also appears engraved in the back of the box. As a curious detail, at 10:10, the clock vibrates for 10 seconds and the logo appears occupying the entire screen.

And is that a secret agent needs a swiss fake watch that is up to their missions, always maintaining an impeccable style, of course. Before, that was achieved with a Submariner 6538 and a born belt of a wrong width, but times change. In the words of Jean-Claude Biver himself, “Kingsman means explosions, action, laughter and, of course, elegance. His cast of young actors is a dream team, gentlemen who do not fear anything or anyone. That is exactly the target market of TAG Heuer. This collaboration will help us to get even closer to younger generations. The first installment was a great success, and we are all proud and honored to see the heroes of the second film wearing flagship TAG Heuer replica watches.

As we said at the beginning, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Kingsman Special Edition Replica is a special replica watch. Available for sale for 3,600 euros only at Mr.Porter, as is the case with the entire Kingsman clothing and accessories collection.

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